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Our Principles

The following principles guide how we go about our work:

Person centred services

We listen to and respond to the specific needs of individuals, especially children and young people.

Equitable and accessible services

We ensure that are services are accessible and that we respond to those in greatest need, who through circumstances are underprivileged, vulnerable, isolated or disconnected.

Acknowledging cultural connections

We recognise that health and wellbeing are influenced by people’s social, economic, cultural and spiritual contexts and by the physical environment in which they live. In particular we acknowledge the impacts of colonisation on the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


We provide high quality services which are continuously refined by research, evaluation and service experiences.

An integrated range of services

Our diverse service approaches recognise people’s strengths and allow choices.

Participation and inclusion

To ensure that we respond to identified needs we actively encourage participation and welcome feedback from clients, communities, funders and other service providers.

Partnership and cooperation

We value partnership and collaboration to ensure that services are streamlined and coordinated.

A positive and proactive workplace

Our workplace reflects and values diversity and proactively encourages learning and continuous improvement.

Effective and accountable

We are efficient in our use of resources and operate transparently and accountably as a financially sound organisation.

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