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Our belief in the transformative power of
relationships lies at the heart of everything we do

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Our registered training organisation, the Australian Institute of Social Relations offers courses and nationally recognised qualifications in the community and health industries and the family law system.

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What We Do

  • Adult Health & Wellbeing

    Supporting individuals with their personal, social and emotional health and wellbeing.

  • Children & Young People

    Supporting children and young people to have safe, healthy and happy lives.

  • Communities

    Assisting communities to develop skills and confidence and to work together.

  • Couples & Families

    Supporting you, your partner, or your family to change, repair or strengthen your relationships.

  • Family & Domestic Violence

    Are you affected by family and domestic violence?

  • Post Separation

    Helping separating parents to reduce conflict, reach parenting agreements, and to focus on their children.

  • Schools

    Building the capacity of schools to respond to children’s needs throughout their school years.

  • Training

    Delivering nationally recognised qualifications and workforce development training for the human services.

  • Locations

    Offering a range of services in communities across South Australia.

Latest News

  • Family Forum: Abuse is not okay

    Any form of violence in families is unacceptable.

  • Family Forum: Career advice

    A degree of difficulty moving from uni into work

  • Homelessness Week 2019

    Did you know that nearly 6,000 people experience homelessness in South Australia every year? This week is National Homelessness Week, and you might be wondering how you can get involved.

  • Family Forum: Who gets the house?

    Courts will decide how assets are divided up

  • 25th Anniversary of Pokies in SA

    It’s been 25 years since pokie machines were introduced to South Australia, but how much do you know about the pokies? For instance, did you know that you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than to win a major prize on a pokie machine? And did you know that since pokies were introduced to South Australian pubs and clubs, […]

  • Forced Adoption Apology Anniversary

    The 18th of July marks the 7th anniversary of the State Government’s apology to people affected by forced adoption practices. Between the 1950s and 1980s, many unmarried mothers were coerced, pressured or forced into giving up their babies for adoption, due to the stigma associated with unmarried pregnancy and motherhood. The state and national apologies […]

  • NAIDOC Week 2019 Events

    NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This year’s theme is Voice.Treaty.Truth. Let’s work together for a shared future. Check out some of these events around the state that you can get involved in. NAIDOC SA Church Service Sunday, […]

  • Family forum: Safety at risk

    Family Forum is asked ‘is it right to step in if I suspect there is danger?’ Find out more…