Relationships Australia South Australia (RASA) is a not for profit, secular organisation that is committed to improving the quality of family and community relationships, thus enabling individuals to thrive.  We have more than 70 years of experience providing family and relationship services in South Australia, and we are part of the Relationships Australia Federation.

Our services are based on an understanding of the social determinants of health and operate within a public health framework. Restorative practice and trauma responsive approaches underpin our work.

We pride ourselves on our inclusive culture. We actively seek to work with and learn from those with lived experience as clients, colleagues and organisational partners and we strive to adapt and make our work environment a thriving place for our diverse staff. We know inclusive services emerge from a foundation of diverse workers who are not only professionally trained but also reflect the diversity and lived experiences of our clients.

Organisational results consistently confirm that RASA programs contribute significantly to healthy relationships, support recovery from adverse experiences and strengthen social cohesion, cultural respect, and community resilience.

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