Partnerships for Collective Impact

Relationships Australia South Australia (RASA) has continued to actively pursue, resource and maintain partnerships that are geared towards collective impact and community outcomes; we are grateful for our strong partnerships with government bodies, community service providers, community groups, local councils, training partners and businesses.

Organisation Nature of Partnership
Australian Institute of Family Studies Participation previously in Expert Panel Project and recent AIFS workforce development research.
Relationships Australia Federation Financial member. RASA CEO is Chair of RA Indigenous Network; other collaborations take place over research and evaluation, corporate infrastructure (HR, IT, Finance) and service development.
Social & Early Emotional Development (SEED) Deakin University Ongoing DOORS development. First 1,000 days service responses development. Evaluation, research, publications, and resource development.
Family Relationships Service Australia (FRSA) Financial member. Contributed to FRSA discussions about universal screening. Contributed to their national conference.
Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety Limited (ANROWS) Participation in Research and Expert Assessment Panels.
Emerging Minds Work to develop national online training materials and provision of practice expertise in a national webinar presentation.
School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences, Central Queensland University RASA is a research partner in an ANROWS funded project (led by the university) that explores the relationship between gambling and DV against women.
College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, Flinders University Collaboration in relation to social work education, student placements and research.
School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy, University of South Australia Collaboration in relation to social work education and research.
Together SA (TSA) RASA is a member of this peak Collective Impact community organisation.

RASA led a collaborative effort to bring UK Children’s Services experts in Collective Impact, Restorative Practice and Results Base Accountability to TSA sponsored local symposium of service providers, government providers and research organisations.

Family Safety Framework (FSF) This primarily a government interagency approach is chaired by SA Police to ensure proactive case plans and coordinated responses to client Domestic and Family Violence risk and safety needs.   RASA provides clinical expertise and case information as a sole non-government organization participant.
Department of Human Services (DHS), Government of South Australia Member of Women’s Safety First Joint Governance Committee providing high-level strategic oversight and leadership to DHS.

Provide sector lead representative for Children and Domestic Violence to the Homelessness Strategic Group convened by DHS.

Department for Education (DfE), Government of South Australia RASA is the sole non-government lead for the Western Child Family Assessment and Referral Networks (CFARNs).  CFARNs provide a child protection early intervention response through proactive case management and service collaboration. RASA works closely with DfE, which is responsible for the operation of the other three CFARNs.

These networks were established in 2017 as a pilot innovation resulting from the SA Royal Commission into Child Protection Systems.

Department of Child Protection (DCP), Government of South Australia DCP is a core partner in CFARNs through their provision of High Risk Infant Worker linkage and collaboration.

Collaboration in provision International experts to provide joint training in Restorative Practice.

Negotiated Business Case for additional funding for Post Care Support Services as per Nyland Commission Recommendation.

Service and client participation in Adolescent Reunification Consultation Working Group.

Women’s and Children’s Health Network (WCHN) RASA works closely with WCHN as the major statewide tertiary health service for women and children and prime birthing hospital referring to Western CFARN.
Child and Family Health Services (CaFHS) CaFHS is a Division of the WCHN and core partner with RASA by providing post-natal infant and maternal health support to Western CFARN clients.
CFARN Local Partnership Groups (LPG) RASA is responsible for convening the Western LPG and participates as a service provider in the LPGs for the other metropolitan CFARNs.
SA Family Law Pathways Network RASA convenes the SA branch of this national network. Family law practitioners are supported to work collaboratively, maintain strong working relationships and develop appropriate referral mechanisms, across the broader family law system.
Elder Mediation Australasian Network(EMAN) On Committee for collaboration and creation of workforce development training.
Cancer Council- palliative care Provision of joined up services and coordinated referral pathway for mediation.
Flinders Medical Centre – social work unit – Palliative care Provision of joined up services and coordinated referral pathway for mediation.
Shelter SA RASA is a financial member of Shelter SA and participates in the annual homelessness expo.
Western Suicide Prevention Network RASA Gambling Help Service hosts the network in building community awareness around suicide prevention.
Northern Local Drug Action Team Partner organisation. Attend monthly meetings and contribute to the writing of funding submission and action plans
National Stolen Generations Apology Day Partner with key aboriginal and mainstream community organisations and local government to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the National Apology.
National Sorry Day in the North RASA led interagency collaboration involving 2 local governments, Aboriginal organisations, community organisations and local schools and children’s centres to hold a local Sorry Day Community Event.
Women’s Safety Services of South Australia Provision of joined up service delivery.
Zahra Foundation Australia RASA’s financial management program has an MOU in place with the foundation and RASA provides supervision to ZF staff. In the Northern region, ZF provides the “Pathways to Empowerment group program” at our Salisbury site.
Inner North and North East Violence Against Women and Homelessness Collaboration RASA is a partner agency and Chair for this working group of thirteen partner organisations focused on partnership approaches to client safety through joined up service delivery and submission of collaborate grant tenders to support client programs and group activities.
The Hutt St Centre RASA has an MOU in place for the fortnightly delivery of Gambling Help Service counselling and groups at the Hutt St Centre.
Nunga Mi:Minar Consultation and collaboration with stand-alone Aboriginal Domestic and Family Violence support and accommodation service.
SA Coalition of Domestic Violence Services Provision of joined up services and coordinated referral pathways for women and children at risk of or homeless as a result of Family and Domestic Violence.
Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program, Leaders Institute of South Australia RASA supported Naomi Ebert Smith in partnership with the James & Diana Ramsay Foundation to participate in the program.

This led to development and provision of tailored Cultural Fitness Training to 2018 Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program cohort

James and Diana Ramsay Foundation Provided funding for Naomi Ebert Smith to participate in the Governor’s Leadership Program
Office of the Ageing RASA led working group focusing on the needs of Forgotten Australian who are ageing.

Provision of information, coordinated services and interagency referrals.

Aged Rights Advocacy Service RASA led working group focusing on the needs of Forgotten Australian who are ageing.

Provision of information, coordinated services and interagency referrals.

Helping Hand Aged Care Services Partner in a Federal Department of Health funded interagency project addressing the needs of Forgotten Australians within the aged care sector.
Queen Elizabeth Hospital- social work unit- Palliative care Provision of joined up services and coordinated referral pathway for mediation.
Mediation Standards Board (MSB) RASA is a Registered Mediation Accreditation Body (RMAB) and member of MSB and contributes to training standards.
South Australian Mental Health Commission Multicultural Lived Experience Advisory Group
SA Mental Health Coalition Membership of NGO Peak body.
Open Arms Veteran’s and Families Counselling (Department of Veteran’s Affairs) Negotiated a 3-year contract to provide specialist counselling to families referred.

Ongoing consultation, liaison and training.