Fostering Respect and Collaboration at RASA

At RASA, we have certain principles that all of us – our staff and our valued clients – should adhere to. These guidelines are designed to foster a cooperative environment where we can engage effectively and positively.

We understand that life can present numerous challenges, and that’s precisely why our services exist. Our staff are not only professionals in their respective fields, but also individuals who genuinely care about positive outcomes for their clients. They recognise that you may be facing stress or difficulty when you approach us, and they will work collaboratively with you to navigate these tough times.

Here’s an overview of what we expect from everyone:


For our support to be most effective, we need to collaborate with you. This means recognising that you have a vital role in shaping your own support plan. We encourage you to communicate with us openly and respectfully, and we will reciprocate in kind.

Mutual Respect

We expect everyone to treat each other with respect and kindness. This means being courteous and considerate and refraining from using threats or offensive language.

Privacy Protection

We value your personal boundaries and privacy, and we will comply with all privacy laws and use secure systems to keep your records safe.

Open Communication

If you have any concerns or issues, we want to hear from you. We promise to listen attentively and work with you towards a productive resolution.

At RASA, we also prioritise the welfare of our staff. If anyone behaves in a manner that compromises the safety or comfort of our staff or other clients, we may need to cease our support to that individual. However, please remember, we are committed to treating everyone fairly and with kindness.

By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure that your experience with RASA is constructive. Let’s work together, supporting each other in overcoming the challenges and making your experience with RASA as beneficial as possible.

View our Fostering Respect and Collaboration brochure here