Family Dispute Resolution (Mediation)

Helping you to sort things out after separation.

There are many things to sort out after marriage or a long term relationship comes to an end. Family Dispute Resolution (mediation) is a way of jointly dealing with all the complex issues including arrangements for children; finances; and property matters. Our staff are specialists in facilitating conversations around sensitive issues to assist people to develop their own agreements and avoid the stress and expense involved in going to Court.

How we can help you

Our Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Service can assist you with both children’s care and wellbeing and also with Financial Separation issues.

In relation to children we assist by:

  • Discussing with you your children’s needs
  • Assisting you to make decisions that result from your situation
  • Providing information about how children are affected by separation and how to adapt to meet this change
  • Providing referrals to specialist services for parenting skills and support and support for children
  • Assisting you to reach parenting agreements

In relation to financial separation we assist by:

  • Assisting you to identify assets and debts and how they will be shared
  • Enabling you to have a role in influencing the decision that results from your situation
  • Providing referrals to specialists in relation to debt/asset management, financial counselling and legal advice
  • Providing written records of any mutual agreements reached
  • Additional financial tools can be found at this website.

Specialist services may include:

What happens?

Family Dispute Resolution is mediation rather than counselling. We listen but we do not take sides. One of our skilled mediators will assist you to discuss problems and develop solutions that make sense in your situation. We can work with individuals, couples and children. We are sensitive to culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

FDR is personalised to meet your circumstances. Mediation is a flexible way of dealing with issues arising from relationship breakdowns including contact with children, finances, and property matters. It can reduce the need for stressful, expensive court hearings and keep legal costs to a minimum. Mediation can also help with developing and reviewing parenting agreements.

Benefits of using FDR

Research among separated and divorced Australians show that more people were satisfied with the Family Dispute Resolution experience than with the legal, Family Court or a ‘do it yourself’ way of finalising a separation or divorce.

FDR takes place in an environment that helps reduce acrimony and conflict. The benefits of FDR will differ for each person, but some of the main advantages are:

  • Individual assessment can help to personalise options that will work for you
  • Solutions are created by both partners
  • It is a cost-effective process
  • Resolution can be faster than through the legal system

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Relationships Australia SA services are subsidised by the Australian Government. Fees are determined according to household income and special rates apply for those with concession cards. Relevant information will be requested when accessing our services.

FDR Services provided in the Riverland are free.


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Funding Acknowledgement

Family Dispute Resolution is provided by Relationships Australia SA and funded by the Australian Government under the Family Support Program.

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