rebuild – Counselling for Victims of Crime

rebuild provides trauma-based counselling and peer support to adult and child victims of crime as they move through the criminal justice process.

Who the service is for:

  • Anyone directly harmed by a crime
  • Anyone harmed as a result of witnessing a crime
  • Parents or care givers who have been harmed as a result of a crime against their child
  • Relatives of a person who has died or suffered harm as a result of a crime.


  • The counselling that is provided will be directly linked to a crime.
  • The crime must be reported to the police, or in the case of family and domestic violence and sexual assault, reported to the police, GP or other professional.

What the service provides:

  • Professional trauma-informed counselling across the four stages of the criminal justice process: reporting and investigation; trial; sentencing; parole and release
  • Information about  the impacts of trauma, and help with skills and strategies to manage these
  • Information and support to access other services if required
  • Access to interpreting and cultural translation services, if needed to use our service
  • Child-focused service delivery
  • Liaison with the Commissioner for Victims’ Rights and the justice system in relation to victims’ needs.

What you can expect:

  • Our counsellors are here to listen and support you
  • Everyone’s experience of trauma is different, and everyone has different needs
  • Our counsellors focus on your needs.

How is service delivered:

  • Face to face at our physical locations
  • Telephone or video counselling is available
  • Face to face in regional areas as required.


  • This service accepts self-referrals or referrals from organisations – the crime must be reported to the police, GP or other professional.
  • To make a self-referral, please fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page or call 1800 310 310.
  • Referrals from organisations will need to fill in a referral form. Available under ‘Service Resources’ at the bottom of this page.

Service Information

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm | Monday to Friday

Location: This service is available from all our locations listed below and regionally.
If you are unable to visit our office, we can come to you or offer counselling over the phone, video or face to face as required in your region. Please let us know your needs when you book your appointment.

Call: 1800 310 310 (call during business hours to make an appointment or to leave a voicemail and we will return your call)



If you find it difficult to hear or speak, you can contact us through the National Relay Service (NRS). Please phone 133 677.

If you require support in another language, you can use the Translating and Interpreting Service (Oncall Interpreters) free of charge by:

  • Calling us and asking for an interpreter, or
  • Calling Oncall Interpreters on 08 8203 8900 and asking to be connected to us on 1800 310 310

Locations Available

Outreach locations

This service is provided to the whole state of South Australia via telephone, video or face to face as required.


This is a confidential and free service.

About the Commissioner for Victims’ Rights

In South Australia, there are guidelines to protect and promote your rights if you are a victim of crime. These guidelines apply to all public agencies and officials. They outline how you should be treated and supported if you are a victim of crime. These principles are contained in the Victims of Crime Act 2001. 

The Commissioner for Victims’ Rights is an independent statutory officer appointed by the Governor to help victims of crime and to ensure they are treated according to the guidelines.  

The Commissioner can:  

  • provide information, advice and support to victims of crime 
  • help to deal with the physical, emotional and financial impact of crime 
  • help victims in their dealings with prosecution authorities and government agencies. 

The Commissioner also monitors and reviews laws and court practices on victims.  

The Commissioner cannot:  

  • change a decision made by a judge, magistrate or tribunal member 
  • investigate a complaint that is already being investigated by another organisation 
  • investigate a complaint not covered by the Victims of Crime Act 2001. 

For victim-related enquiries, please contact the Commissioner for Victims’ Rights.  

Call:(08) 7322 7007 



Service Resources

Funding Acknowledgement

Funded by the Government of South Australia Attorney-General’s Department.

Resources are available from the Commissioner for Victim’s Rights website, please visit

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