Training for mental health and other professionals to understand forced adoption practices

The Australian Psychological Society provides training for mental health and other professionals in understanding issues for those affected by forced adoption practices. Find out more…

Information from their website:

This 8-hour course gives a brief overview of the past forced adoption policies and practices in Australia, and suggests frameworks and principles to guide clinical work and the development of effective therapeutic relationships.

It is designed to support mental health professionals who are currently working or plan to work to support the mental health needs of people affected by forced adoption, including mothers, adopted people, fathers and their families.

Mental health professionals can claim Continued Professional Development (CPD) points by completing this course.

If you are a mental health/ allied health worker and would like to increase you knowledge about the ongoing effects of forced adoption on individuals and families, please visit their website:

Upon completion of this course, if you are interested in being a Preferred Provider and can take referrals from our Forced Adoption and Post Adoption Support Services, please contact Nikki Hartmann, Manager on (08) 8245 8100.