Think differently to make a difference in child crisis

Family safety can only come from rethinking the whole child protection system, a symposium has been told in Adelaide this morning.

Speaking at Department for Child Protection and ANROWS Symposium, Susan Close, South Australian Minister for Child Protection, also acknowledged the child protection system was in crisis.

Many Relationships Australia SA staff heard the challenge from Dr Close to organise ourselves in a way that makes a difference. “We don’t yet operate in a way that’s coherent and seamless,” she added. “That’s our challenge.” Dr Close said this was a shared sector responsibility, saying, “Everyone’s steps forward will make this a better world for children.”

Relationships Australia SA has recently launched the Family DOORS app, an online screening framework for detecting and responding to risks in families. Launched last week in partnership with DOORS creator Professor Jennifer McIntosh, the tool can help practitioners organise, store, and – if necessary – share risk information about their clients. The free app is at, with training and support available at this link.

Students at the training division, the Australian Institute of Social Relations, have training embedded in their courses to make sure professionals are ready to screen and respond when they enter the workforce. Find out more about the courses and Nationally Recognised  Qualifications at 

Relationships Australia SA staff attending the ANROWS and Department of Child Protection joint symposium on Child Protection and Domestic Violence: Meeting the Challenges of Collaboration