Specialised Family Violence Service

SFVS provides counselling, support to connect you to other services and the help you may need. It is for families who are seeking support for previous or current Family and Domestic Violence. It also assists people who are struggling with anger or violence getting in the way of being the kind of parent or partner you want to be.

Many people tell us that they have found it hard to make changes to angry and abusive behaviour on their own. Deciding you need help is a big step, but an important one for making positive changes in your life and your family.

Supports are available to families, individuals and children. The service is also inclusive of people in same sex relationships. We are able to support people at any stage of the relationship, whether in a relationship or separated. We keep the safety of each family member at the core of what we do but know that help is often needed to help create this.

Services include:

  • Individual and family counselling
  • Connecting into service and other help you may need
  • Safety planning
  • Community education
  • Referrals to additional support services
  • Referrals to group education programs and behaviour change programs.

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