Family Relationship Counselling

Our Family Relationship Counselling Service can provide you, your partner and/or your family, a chance to adjust, repair and strengthen family relationships.

Life and relationships can at times be difficult, especially when we are going through times of transition which require us to make changes.

Counselling can assist you to make decisions about your relationships and respond to the issues that are of concern to you. At times relationships can be hard work and we can all need some support. This is especially so during times of transition where adjustments are needed whether this is a new relationship; the move to parenthood; dealing with changes in our jobs or living locations; separation; or retirement.

Our relationship counselling focuses on enabling you to build positive relationship habits, manage conflict and strengthen relationship aspirations.

Our family counselling focuses on issues relating to children and youth and involves exploring patterns of relating, managing conflict and finding positive solutions to concerns about your children.

How we can help you

For many of us, dealing with life changes or experiencing conflict, discontent or hurt can negatively impact on the quality of our relationships with our partner, extended families, children or colleagues. Support from a relationship counsellor is a positive way to clarify relationship concerns and develop strategies for improving these interactions.

Family Relationship counselling is suitable for anyone looking to:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Establish positive habits and interaction patterns in their family
  • Address concerns about family relationships
  • Strengthen relationships, including managing conflict
  • Improve parent and child relationships
  • Cope with separation and relationship loss
  • Overcome trauma, including the impact of family violence and abuse

How does counselling work?

The counselling process provides:

  • Positive goal-directed processes,
  • Opportunities to overcome relationship conflict,
  • Strategies for healing relationships, and
  • Relationship support by strengthening positive interaction patterns.

Our counsellors respect cultural differences, recognise different beliefs and regularly work with diverse relationship and family arrangements.

We can offer you

  • Face to face appointments, or
  • Telephone counselling – for those in rural or remote communities.


Locations Available


This service is subsidised by the Commonwealth Government, Department of Social Services. For some services there is no cost. Where a fee applies it is determined according to household income and includes concession rates. Fees can be negotiated or waived.

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Funding Acknowledgement

Family Relationship Counselling is provided by Relationships Australia SA and funded by the Australian Government.

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