Post Adoption Support Services

We provide support services for those whose lives are affected by adoption.

Forced Adoption Apology

How we can help

Post Adoption Support Services (PASS) can provide counselling, information and support, assistance with family search and reunion, and links to other supports and networks. Search support is also available for intercountry adoptees and families.

We offer a range of support groups, and information and educational sessions on adoption-related topics. Our experienced staff is respectful of people’s differing choices and opinions, and we acknowledge and value the diverse experiences of those affected by adoption.

Our Outreach Process for Local Adoption is here.

We also run seminars throughout the year addressing a broad range of adoption-related topics.

Complete a referral form for people affected by adoption here.

File Releases for South Australian Adoptions

The Department for Child Protection has made some changes in regards to applying for adoption information for adoptions that took place in South Australia. All adoption information applications and requests will now go through the Freedom of Information unit, Department for Child Protection.

From their website:

‘The Guideline, Provision of adoption information and the exercise of the Chief Executive’s discretion under section 27(5) of the Adoption Act 1988 has now been approved and published on the Department for Child Protection’s website at the following address

This web page will be updated regularly with new information as it is approved’.  

Please contact the Freedom of Information unit if you would like some further information on (08) 8226 4399 or our Post Adoption Support Service on (08)8245 8100.

Review of the Adoption Act 1988 – Review Recommendations

During 2014-15, the South Australian Adoption Act 1988 and Adoption Regulations 2004 were reviewed byan independent reviewer, Associate Professor Lorna Hallahan.  The Review report is available from the DECD website which you can find here.

Some people may have concerns or feel distressed with some of the proposed recommendations. For support about how these recommendations may affect you, please contact our Post Adoption Support Services on (08) 8245 8100 or the Forced Adoption Support Services on 1800 21 03 13.

Training for Health Professionals

Our Post Adoption and Forced Adoption Support Services provide a range of support options to individuals and families  who are affected by adoption. The Australian Psychological Society, with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health, has developed a national online training program designed to support health professionals working in mainstream services to deliver their services in an appropriate and sensitive manner to people who have been affected by forced adoption policies and practices in Australia. The training is free for all health and community professionals including counsellors, therapists, general practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, mental health nurses and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers. For more information, visit

Once you have completed this training and would like to go on our preferred provider list for referrals from our service, please contact Nikki Hartmann, Manager PASS and FASS on (08) 8245 8100.

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There is no cost for direct client service. Fees will apply for some activities when using external specialists and for our professional development training.

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Funding Acknowledgement

The Department for Child Protection has contributed funds towards this program.

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