Family and Domestic Violence Workforce Development

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Family Violence Training Programs for Professionals

AVERT Family Violence TrainingNews-Image_AVERT

The AVERT Family Violence training package is an innovative, multi-disciplinary training package in responding effectively to family violence. Designed for workers at all levels within the family law and human services sectors, the training provides sound and practical information for responding appropriately and promoting safety for all involved. To enrol and for more information go to AVERT Family Violence.

The Family DOORS (Detection of Overall Risk Screen (McIntosh 2012)

The DOORS is a three part framework that assists separating parents and the helping professions to detect and respond to both wellbeing and safety risks. Relationships Australia SA uses Family DOORS framework as part of our service delivery to recognise patterns of risk. This process strengthens safety, parenting capacity, relationship respect, and psychological health.

Available both nationally and internationally, professionals can learn more about how to use the tool at The Family DOORS website.

(Jennifer E. McIntosh and Claire Ralfs (2012). The DOORS Detection of Overall Risk Screen Framework. Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department, Canberra.)

Submission to Royal Commission into Family Violence

Relationships Australia SA has provided a written submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence. Read our submission and response to the Royal Commission recommendations.

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