Safe Start

Western Child and Family Assessment and Referral Network (Western CFARN or often just called CFARN) is a support service for families who have a child under the age of 2 years or for women who are pregnant.

The first thousand days of a child’s life – from conception until the child is 2 years old, is a time of important growth and development and infants are incredibly vulnerable. Western CFARN works with families to ensure they receive all the support they need to keep baby healthy, safe and happy. It’s a demanding time for parents and families having a new baby or toddler added to their lives. We know that children need all the support their parents can get.

WCFARN will assess each family and their infant to ensure that the support they receive is tailored to their particular circumstances so that the parents and baby thrive and bring joy to their lives.

CFARN provides culturally appropriate support for all families with a particular focus on Aboriginal families.

Families with an infant and women who are pregnant and living in the western suburbs of Adelaide are referred for CFARN support by the Women’s and Children Hospital.  In some cases, community members who want extra help for parents or a mum in their family will contact Western CFARN directly for support.

Community service workers who are concerned about the safety of an infant or pregnant woman and feel that the family need specialist support to keep the infant safe and healthy can refer to Western CFARN.

Locations Available


There is no cost for this service. It is by referral only.

Funding Acknowledgement

Western Child and Family Assessment and Referral Network (WCFARN) is an initiative of the South Australian Government.

Service Enquiry

All referrals to Western CFARN are made through the Women’s and Children Hospital.

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