Supporting Families and Friends Harmed by Gambling

The ‘Supporting Families and Friends Harmed by Gambling’ free webinar was a part of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week. Listen to a recording of the webinar below.

Webinar Presenters

Anne Smith, Counsellor, Gambling Help Service, Relationships Australia SA

Anne Smith is a psychotherapist working as a Counsellor with the Gambling Help Service.  Anne has worked in Social and Emotional Wellbeing Services over 6 years in both Australia and New Zealand, and in both AOD and Gambling counselling for the past 5 years.

Monya Gangemi, Counsellor, Gambling Help Service, Relationships Australia SA

Monya has been working as a practitioner in the Gambling Help Service for the past 6 years engaging in therapeutic work with individuals, family members, providing education and facilitating groups around Gambling Harm. She holds a Doctorate in Social Sciences, a Post Grad Dip in Counselling, specialising in Family Therapy, Trauma and Addiction, and a Masters in Mental Health (Infant and Parent Mental Health).

Enaam Oudih, Manager, PEACE Multicultural Services

Enaam is bi-cultural and speaks three languages. She is highly qualified and exercises high level management skills within a multicultural team providing community education and general health information in the area of HIV, BBV, STIs, problem gambling, relationships issues and family violence. Enaam is a member of various state and national management committees, has contributed to government submissions and has presented at many conferences and forums.

Video Resources

The following video resources have been produced for Responsible Gambling Awareness Week.

Sam’s Story

Sam struggles with his partner Sheila’s gambling and the impact it has had on their family, business and relationship. Living on a rural property, Sam tells us of the unique issues the couple faced in seeking help.

Lucy’s Story

Lucy tells us the impact her partner Lachlan’s gambling had on her and her children’s wellbeing and the steps she took to get help.

Sharon’s Story

Sharon shares with us the history behind her son Lachlan’s gambling, and the physical and emotional effect it had on her. She highlights the reasons why seeking help is important for family members of problem gamblers.

Dreaming of the Big Fish – Coming Soon

This is a short film of an illustrated story that uses a simple, but universal metaphor to de-stigmatise gambling addiction and enhance help seeking.  Stories in all their forms and genres have always served to engage our empathy, expand the way we think and grow our understanding of ourselves. This story will therefore be a valuable resource to engage audiences and clients around “problem gambling”, how people who develop problems may be viewed (blamed, judged), and how family and friends can effectively support loved ones.

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