Online Gambling Linked to Gaming Habits

Find out about the links between online gambling and gaming.

Online gambling and gaming are growing exponentially with the spread of mobile devices and apps to facilitate the process.

While both are fun and entertaining for many, they also pose a series of risks that can result in significant harm to vulnerable populations, including children and young people.

Among these risks features the monetisation of games with increasing opportunity to spend money on microtransactions and third party gambling activities such as skins gambling.

Relationships Australia South Australia is offering a series of short online presentations to explore these issues from the perspective of users, parents and professionals.

Online gambling and gaming webinars

We’re focusing on reducing harm from online gambling and gaming activities by offering a new Step Up and Reach Out webinar series during Gambling Harm Awareness 2020.

This series discusses the risks that online gaming and gambling – whether it be at home, at school, at work or anywhere else – poses to a range of vulnerable populations.

Different webinars are on offer and tailored to meet the needs of young people, parents, teachers and other professionals and multicultural communities.

Find a Step Up and Reach Out webinar that suits you:

  • The Unspoken Rush video launch and webinar. Young people talk about the links between online gambling and gaming. Video shot in collaboration with True North Theatre group (young people resource)
  • Understanding Gaming: Through the Eyes of Young People – in this webinar you will watch testimonials by and child about their gaming and online gambling experiences and their parent’s response to it. This is followed by a panel discussion between Cameron Dodds (E.M.P. Pathways founder), Dr. Matthew Doherty (Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist) and Monya Gangemi (Gambling Help Service counsellor at Relationships Australia SA) (parent resource).
  • Step Up and Reach Out by PEACE Multicultural Services is a series of webinars in multiple languages (multicultural resource).
  • Gaming, Gambling – What’s the Difference? See an insightful interview of Dr Huu Kim Le, an expert in Internet Gaming Disorder in children and adolescents by Ryan Carr (Gambling Help Service counsellor with Relationships Australia SA) and be part of the discussion about the link between gaming & gambling (teacher resource).
  • World Premiere of “LEIGH”. LEIGH is informed by the collective experiences of people who have overcome gambling harm (young people resource).

The recorded webinars will be available after Gambling Harm Awareness 2020  from our website

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