Family Forum: Neighbour Boundaries

Upset about a neighbour crossing trees and cutting branches.


My neighbour crossed over my fence, cut the branches from my trees and dumped them on my property. What I should do?


Your neighbour is entitled to cut back, to the boundary line, any branches from your trees that cross the boundary line. The neighbour is entitled to put the cuttings on your property, taking care to avoid damage to plants and structures on your property.

Your neighbour is not entitled to come on to your property to cut the branches without your permission. The cutting must be done from the neighbour’s side of the boundary.

If your neighbour came on to your land without your permission, the neighbour may have committed a trespass, but the panel suggests that the cost of legal proceedings is probably unwarranted.

The panel suggests you speak or write to your neighbour, pointing out that he or she had no right to do this.

It would be sensible to suggest that if the branches cause further problems you would be happy to discuss how best to deal with them.

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