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I want advice about how to help my dad with his worry about my brother.


My dad had heart disease and now he worries a lot. I know his worries aren’t right but I am unable to console him. My brother feels pressured because my dad expects him to earn a certain amount and wants him to achieve things before he gets married. I want to help both of them to lower their stress because this issue is straining their relationships and it affects all the family. I see signs of depression in my brother and I want to help.


Whenever health problems occur it is natural to focus on the future and the issues that affect us. Similar stresses will occur when a major change, such as marriage, is contemplated. In these ways your family is completely normal.

As you are finding, it is very difficult to be a counsellor for your own family, and the panel recommends that your family seek professional help for the complex emotional and relationship effects of the practical changes in your lives.

Your first step would be to talk to your doctor about the concerns and work out the best avenue for resolving the current issues. Inexpensive or free counselling under the Better Outcomes in Mental Health program may be available. Relationships Australia South Australia specialises in family counselling with reasonable fees structured to income levels. Call us on 1300 364 277 or submit an enquiry online HERE. 

Engaging in specific stress management techniques can also help all concerned relax and be able to think constructively.

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