Child Focussed Information Session

We encourage all mediation participants to view our online Child Focussed Information Session.

It is in 3 parts with the majority of the information presented in video format.

Please work through parts 1-3 in order and complete the survey at the end.

Click on the title of the part (e.g. Part 1) to see the content.

Part 1 – Watch a video of a family lawyer answering common questions about mediation, parenting and property issues (10mins).

If you cannot see this video, please click here.

Watch the Remember Me video on YouTube (15mins).

If you cannot see this video, please click here.

Watch the Conflict and Choice video via Children Beyond Dispute (25mins). Instructions on how to access below.

  1. Visit the Children Beyond Dispute shop here: to ‘purchase’ access to this video. There will be no cost after you apply the coupon below.
  2. Click ‘Add to cart’, then view cart. In the cart, copy and paste the coupon code into the grey box and select “Apply Coupon”.
  3. Coupon code: rasacfis_lwir_ew 
  4. This will reduce the cost of the product to $0.

5. Progress through to finalise the purchase. You will not be required to enter any payment information but you will have to create an account with a username and password.

6. Once ‘purchased’, the video can be accessed here: using the username and password set during purchase.

7. You will have access to the video for 24 hours. Should you wish to watch the video again, please follow the steps above.

Watch the presentation on parenting (12mins).

If you cannot see this video, please click here.

We recommend that people view the following YouTube video from The Gottman Institute. Whilst the research is based on intact couples, the behaviours of communication extend into most personal relationships and may be present within your co-parenting one. These tips may help you to avoid conflict within your co-parenting and resolve things quicker and with less distress.

Once you have finished:

If you have any questions – please send then to