Our Shared Behaviours

How we work together in our organisationVertical-pictogram-corporate-colours


  • We acknowledge the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their relationship with their country
  • We recognise and embrace diversity, cultural fitness and social justice and the importance of making our workplace harmonious
  • We value and create opportunities to constructively contribute our ideas
  • We collaborate with and learn from the different approaches and perspectives of others
  • We share knowledge and skills to ensure we deliver the best services
  • We are able to face challenges together.


  • Our behaviour towards our clients and each other mirrors Relationships Australia SA’s values
  • We are courteous, polite, and respectful in our interactions
  • We value the uniqueness of others and how that informs our work
  • We take responsibility to find out about the impact of our attitudes and behavior on others
  • We recognise that what we do and how we behave impacts on others and make it a priority to find ways to ensure we do not have a negative impact on the workplace, others or our clients
  • We are able to listen to other perspectives even when we strongly disagree.


  • We work together as one organisation. We work within teams, between teams, and across teams focusing on ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients
  • We acknowledge and work within the boundaries and scope of our professional and work role
  • We ensure our work contributes to the team and organisation’s goals and obligations
  • We support each other and keep each other informed of our plans and actions
  • We take responsibility for informing others about our work
  • We are open and listen to the input, contributions and concerns of all our colleagues
  • We work within teams, between teams and across teams, we are one big team.


  • We promote Relationships Australia SA as a continuous learning organisation
  • We approach our work with a positive ‘can do’ attitude
  • We actively seek to comply with the organisational ‘Code of Conduct’ and regularly clarify our interpretation of its meaning
  • We value creative innovation in our work and embrace the resulting changes to our work practices
  • We are open, adaptive and collaborative so that the end result is not just solution focused but is also strengths based
  • We recognise our own mistakes and the mistakes of others and we are able to turn these situations into learning opportunities
  • We embrace challenges and seek feedback
  • We recognise each individual’s contribution.