Birth Fathers of Adopted Children: Seeking Research Participants

The School of Social Sciences ad the University of New South Wales is currently seeking participants for a research project seeking to give a voice to Australian Fathers who have experienced their child being adopted. 

What is involved by participating?

Researchers want to speak to you in person in order to gain a deeper understanding of your experiences of having your child adopted.  Individual face to face interviews will take around 60-90 minutes and will be held in a convenient location for participants and a time that suits you.

How can you help?

Please contact Paul Cornefert at   or 02 9385 1877.

If you are a birth mother and in contact with the birth father the researchers seek your assistance in encouraging him to participate.

Why is it important?

Fathers’ voices are not heard and are the least understood and served in the adoption triad, which often excludes what little is known about their lives. There is a lack of information regarding the viewpoints, feelings and experiences of Australian birth fathers regarding the adoption and adoption process of their child/children. The surrender of a child for adoption remains an emotional and conflict ridden issue for women and men. These issues potentially impact all parties concerned in the adoption of a child/children, and have implications for policy and practice.

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