Gambling Help Service & Lived Experience Program

Having provided Gambling Help Services for 18 years, we support people to make the changes that will get things back on track.

Our Gambling Help Service offers assistance to all people who are affected by problem gambling.

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Gambling can become a problem when it consumes more money and time than a person can afford, and begins to affect other aspects of their lives, such as their psychological and emotional well being, relationships with family and friends, finances, work and other leisure activities.

If you are concerned about your own gambling or you are worried about a family member or friend’s gambling, and you are not sure what to do… we can help you.

Gambling: We can help you:

  • Reflect on your gambling and work out what you want to do
  • Develop the strategies to support you to reduce or overcome your gambling
  • Work through other issues that may contribute to your gambling
  • Regain control of your self and your life.

Relationships: We can help you:

  • Explore the impact of gambling on your relationship
  • Work through these effects in a supportive environment
  • Establish the conditions needed to rebuild the relationship.

Finance: We can help you:

  • Assess your debts
  • Cope with your creditors
  • Get back in control of your finances.

Education: We can provide:

  • Community seminars/workshops
  • Training for service providers
  • Client support and information groups.

PEACE Multicultural Gambling Help Services

PEACE Multicultural Gambling Help Services addresses problem gambling and related issues within the South Australian culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and refugee populations.

For more information about problem gambling support in South Australia go to:

PEACE Multicultural Services Community Ambassadors Project

The PEACE Community Ambassadors program is a strategy to ensure that CALD communities have access to information and support services related to gambling problems.

The Community Ambassadors are individuals who are well connected with their own communities or have been endorsed by their community leaders or are leaders themselves who are interested in learning about the issue of gambling, how to recognise the problem and its impact on the community. Following the 4 days training, Community Ambassadors will become a resource for their communities and act as a liaison between service providers and their respective communities. For more information about the project or becoming a Community Ambassador, please see the Ambassador information booklet.

Lived Experience Programs

The Lived Experience Program provides supports the provision of a peer worker with lived experience of recovery from problem gambling.  Access to a peer workers is through your Gambling Help Service counsellor.

This program supports the Consumer Voice Project (CVP). The CVP raises community awareness about problem gambling. Often, when people have overcome problem gambling they can be keen to help others. The CVP provides opportunity for people to share their journey into and beyond problem gambling with other individuals, groups and organisations.

Participants undertake some training in public speaking and responding to questions whilst being part of a peer group to support their own relapse prevention. These speakers offer the gambling sector the opportunity to learn from consumer experiences and perspectives. They also contribute to therapeutic counselling sessions and community awareness workshops.

If you or a family member has ever been affected by problem gambling, consider becoming a CVP speaker.

You will receive training, meet others affected by problem gambling, and have the chance to help tackle the issue across South Australia. Your unique experience is valuable. By sharing your story with others you increase community awareness of the issue and spread the word on how others can seek out support.

Becoming a speaker

As a Consumer Voice speaker you will:

  • Be professionally trained by educators and counsellors
  • Be supported to develop your own story about the effects of problem gambling
  • Learn skills in presenting to a range of audiences
  • Learn useful ways to deal with difficult questions.

You can also gain accredited training through the project as modules towards the Certificate IV in Community Services.

When you have finished the training, you will be supported to share your story by speaking or presenting to a variety of audiences in a range of group settings. This could include:

  • Gambling Help service sector
  • Hospitality workers, gaming venues
  • Community agencies
  • Counselling sessions of people affected by problem gambling
  • Other interested community members.

Honorarium is provided for speaking engagements.

Speaking engagements are not compulsory – you do not have to accept them once you have been trained. In fact, for some, the training in itself may be a valuable outcome.

Booking a speaker

Having a speaker talk at your function, event or gathering has many benefits including:

  • Allowing the audience to walk in their shoes and gain a greater understanding of the devastating effects of problem gambling on individuals and their families
  • Inspiring and giving hope to others grappling with their own gambling difficulties.

Our speakers can:

  • Tailor their talk to a particular audience
  • Speak for anywhere between 10 to 60 minutes dependent on the needs of the audience
  • Answer questions and talk informally.

Our speakers can cover metropolitan speaking engagements and, subject to availability, the regional areas in South Australia. They are available for day and evening engagements.

A free service

There is no cost associated with booking a speaker as it is fully funded by the Gamblers Rehabilitation Fund.

More information

To book or enquire about the Consumer Voice Project you can contact the Consumer Voice Coordinator at Relationships Australia SA on 08 8245 8100.

Bookings can be made either by phone or by downloading the booking sheet.

Any feedback on the Project is eagerly sought, please complete and send in the evaluation form.

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Funding Acknowledgement

Gambling Help Services is provided by Relationships Australia South Australia Health Promotion Services and is funded through the Gamblers Rehabilitation Fund, a joint initiative of the Australian Hotels Association (SA Branch), Clubs SA, Adelaide Casino and the Government of South Australia.

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