Welcome to Relationships Australia (SA)

Our work at Relationships Australia (SA) is all about personal and social wellbeing. We help individuals, families and communities to grow, thrive and deal with life’s challenges.

We believe that in an equitable society everyone should have the opportunity to make positive choices around living, working and relating to others. Our work is based on recognising the rights of all people to live with dignity and safety, to feel they belong, and to have healthy, respectful relationships.

Here on our website you will find information about what we do, how you can be involved, and how you can benefit.

What We Do

  • Adult Health & Wellbeing

    Supporting individuals with their personal, social and emotional health and wellbeing.

  • Children & Young People

    Supporting children and young people to have safe, healthy and happy lives.

  • Communities

    Assisting communities to develop skills and confidence and to work together.

  • Couples & Families

    Supporting you, your partner, or your family to change, repair or strengthen your relationships.

  • Post Separation

    Helping separating parents to reduce conflict, reach parenting agreements, and to focus on their children.

  • Schools

    Building the capacity of schools to respond to children’s needs throughout their school years.

Latest News

  • Training to help get kids to school

    As part of the Remote School Attendance Strategy, Relationships Australia (SA) has developed a training program to assist School Attendance Officers in remote South Australian Anangu communities to support families and children to attend school every day.

  • Student Training Clinic

    Did you know that you may be able to access free counselling through our Student Training Clinic?

  • Do you or your partner experience chronic pain?

    Relationships Australia and the Australian Catholic University are working together to look at how chronic pain affects relationships and what can be done in terms of support. We’d love to hear from you!

  • Baby Waking

    A reader responds to the Family Forum article “Need for a feed”, published in The Advertiser on 9 August 2014.

  • Love is in the air and on the nose

    A girlfriend is struggling to convince her partner that gas is not that funny.

  • Screen Time

    A reader wonders: “My grandma had a mastectomy for breast cancer many years ago. Could the Family Forum doctor please clarify why older women are not required to have mammograms or Pap smears?”

  • Put potential partners to the test

    A reader wonders if a personality test exists to check for potential relationship problems.

  • International Children’s Day

    On 14 July, staff from our Marion office took part in an International Children’s Day celebration at Hackham West Community Centre.

  • Come along to the @townofgawler Gawler Show this weekend, stop by our stall & grab a balloon animal! See you there!