Welcome to Relationships Australia (SA)

Our work at Relationships Australia (SA) is all about personal and social wellbeing. We help individuals, families and communities to grow, thrive and deal with life’s challenges.

We believe that in an equitable society everyone should have the opportunity to make positive choices around living, working and relating to others. Our work is based on recognising the rights of all people to live with dignity and safety, to feel they belong, and to have healthy, respectful relationships.

Here on our website you will find information about what we do, how you can be involved, and how you can benefit.

What We Do

  • Adult Health & Wellbeing

    Supporting individuals with their personal, social and emotional health and wellbeing.

  • Children & Young People

    Supporting children and young people to have safe, healthy and happy lives.

  • Communities

    Assisting communities to develop skills and confidence and to work together.

  • Couples & Families

    Supporting you, your partner, or your family to change, repair or strengthen your relationships.

  • Post Separation

    Helping separating parents to reduce conflict, reach parenting agreements, and to focus on their children.

  • Schools

    Building the capacity of schools to respond to children’s needs throughout their school years.

Latest News

  • Multiple causes for memory lapses

    A reader worries about her husband’s bouts of forgetfulness.

  • FRSA Conference coming to Adelaide

    The FRSA Conference is the must attend event for anyone supporting families. In 2014 the conference is coming to Adelaide and will focus on prevention and early intervention strategies to ensure the future wellbeing of Children, Families and Communities across Australia.

  • Testing Time

    A reader asks: “I have antinuclear antibody positive test results, with a titre reading in the two thousands. I’m confused about what this is an indicator of; can you advise me please?”

  • Neighbour’s tree leaves a real mess

    Leaf litter from a neighbour’s tree is making a mess of a reader’s garden.

  • Losing Sleep Over Strange, Buzzing Din

    The arrival of low-level noise provides a quandary for a sleepless reader.

  • Dr Claire Ralfs to present at Penelope Conference

    Dr Claire Ralfs, Deputy CEO at Relationships Australia (SA), will present a keynote presentation at the inaugural Penelope Excellence User Group Conference, to be held in Adelaide on 3 November 2014.

  • PEACE now recruiting volunteers

    PEACE Multicultural Services is currently recruiting volunteers to join our volunteer program.

  • Memorial for Past Adoption Practices in South Australia

    On the 18th July 2012 the South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill made a formal apology on behalf of the SA Government to those affected by past adoption policies and practices. The state government of SA has now provided some funding for a memorial to be build in recognition of those who were separated by past adoption policies and practices.