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Our registered training organisation, the Australian Institute of Social Relations offers courses and nationally recognised qualifications in the community and health industries and the family law system.

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What We Do

  • Post Separation

    Helping separating parents to reduce conflict, reach parenting agreements, and to focus on their children.

  • Couples & Families

    Supporting you, your partner, or your family to change, repair or strengthen your relationships.

  • Children & Young People

    Supporting children and young people to have safe, healthy and happy lives.

  • Adult Health & Wellbeing

    Supporting individuals with their personal, social and emotional health and wellbeing.

  • Communities

    Assisting communities to develop skills and confidence and to work together.

  • Schools

    Building the capacity of schools to respond to children’s needs throughout their school years.

  • Training

    Delivering nationally recognised qualifications and workforce development training for the human services.

  • Locations

    Offering a range of services in communities across South Australia.

Latest News

  • Child Focused Practice Online goes to Vienna

    Deanna Rohrsheim shares with us how Child Focused Practice Online ended up in Vienna.

  • Changes to the Adoption Act

    The Adoption (Review) Amendment Bill 2016 has been introduced to amend the Adoption Act. At this stage, the Bill has not been passed and no laws have changed.

  • Walk With Us: RASA at Pride March 2016

    On Saturday 22 October, Relationships Australia SA staff, family and friends will walk together in the annual Adelaide Pride March. All are encouraged to come along and walk with us as we celebrate the courage, solidarity, resilience and contribution of LGBTIQA people.

  • Neighbour Day Launches ‘My Neighbours, My Neighbourhood’ Drawing Competition

    The Neighbour Day team has launched the ‘my neighbours, my neighbourhood’ drawing competition, inviting children and adults in neighbourhoods around Australia to draw a picture that shows what is special about their neighbours or what makes their community a great place to live.

  • Missing mum adds to pain of abuse

    I am a 50-year-old woman with a father in a nursing home.

  • What to say to parents whose baby has died

    Friends of ours are mourning the loss of a baby who died in childbirth.

  • Healthy Relationships Program

    The new Healthy Relationships Program has been developed specifically for women in prison and will be evaluated by Flinders University.

  • Elder Relationship Services Trial

    The Relationships Australia SA Elder Relationship Services is a new counselling and mediation service to support families who need help negotiating complex issues related to ageing. This service is half way through a twelve month trial.