Young People’s Lived Experience within the Family Law System

The Young People’s Family Law Advisory Group is a new project giving young people who have experienced family breakdown an opportunity to share their experiences of the family law system and develop life skills.

As part of providing further assistance to professionals to help separated or separating families navigate the family law system, the South Australian Family Law Pathways Network (SAFLPN) developed a pilot project called the Young People’s Family Law Advisory Group (YPFLAG). Initially, the group was supported and endorsed by the Family Law Courts Children’s Committee.

As the first project of its kind in Australia, its main objectives are to:

  1. Obtain a comprehensive array of information from participants about a variety of issues concerning their experiences of all facets of the family law system;
  2. Prepare an evaluation of these findings;
  3. Assist participants to build life skills, such as running a meeting and taking notes/minutes.

The YPFLAG has provided interesting insights about young people’s encounters with the family law system and the ramifications of living with those outcomes.

The pilot project’s final report is expected to be released in February 2018 and SAFLPN is seeking funding to continue this work.

Initial funding from the Broadley Trust allowed the YPFLAG pilot project to proceed. SAFLPN is also seeking funding to continue this work.

Family Law Pathways Networks are funded by the Australian Attorney-General’s Department. The SAFLPN is auspiced by Relationships Australia SA andcan be contacted on (08) 8419 2000 or by emailing or visiting the website