Young kids face ‘same fears as adults’

Children have the same fears as adults, but not the same strategies to regulate them, a leading US researcher has warned an audience in Melbourne.

Speaking at an Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth attachment conference this week, Professor Bob Marvin said the effects on infants are doubled because when unresolved trauma in parents further holds back child development.

However, Professor Marvin reminded the audience that parents can overcome these parenting challenges with support if needed. Relationships Australia South Australia runs the Circle of Security program, co-authored by Prof Marvin, in partnership with Ingle Farm Family Zone which evidence shows is effective in promoting secure attachment.

Relationships Australia South Australia also helps parents after separation when family relationships are under significant strain, including a new self-guided online resource for parents of young children. YCIDS (‘Young Children in Divorce and Separation’) was developed by long-term collaboration partner Professor Jennifer McIntosh and gives up-to-date information on brain science, child development and post-separation parenting.

YCIDS is available free for a limited time to parents and carers mediating at Relationships Australia South Australia. Free support is also available to help parents deal with previous or current risk from violence in the home. Click here to contact your nearest office for details.