Women’s Lounge: Finding support in your health and wellbeing journey

The Women’s Lounge is a place for women to meet, share and support each other in their health and wellbeing journeys.

At the lounge you can:
• Have a voice and a say on how services need to look like
• Have access to information and support services
• Build on your strengths and skills to lead an independent healthy life
• Learn how to tackle stigma and discrimination
• Build your social networks and meet others in a safe and comfortable
We welcome all women. We are here to listen and respect all women’s ideas. We can organise friendly, informal
activities based on your wants and needs.

The women’s lounge occurs once a month. If this is something that interests you, please contact the program coordinator
Namam Salih to register your interest and provide you with further information.

Phone: (08) 8245 8100
Email: N.salih@rasa.org.au

Women’s Lounge Flyer