2020 – The year of relationships | Why couples should seek counselling

Possibly the most unexpected outcome of the COVID-19  crisis has been the intense focus on our relationships. Being in lockdown has forced us to spend time together in ways that many of us have not experienced before. 

Some couples have welcomed the opportunity for re-kindling a spark, for others it has been a struggle. Dealing with uncertainty, spending more time together, negotiating home schooling, adjusting to new routines, working from home and/or loss of employment or income, have all taken a toll.

This close contact with one another is fertile ground for introspection. You may be wondering whether your relationship can make it? Are your needs being met? Do you feel heard? Is this what I want? These are big questions and often difficult to unravel without the help of a listening ear or professional counsellor.

Making the decision to see a relationship counsellor can seem daunting or extreme, as the counselling process is often misunderstood.

However, Janet Muirhead, Practice Manager, Relationships Counselling at Relationships Australia South Australia explains, ‘A counsellor’s job is to ask questions from another point of view, to open up possibilities in the relationship and helps to move the couple away from their usual interactional pattern.’ This process is different for every couple and/or individual.

Seeking help early can improve outcomes for all. Janet continues, ‘Research tells us that people have usually been thinking about coming to counselling (or some form of help) for seven years before they get here. By that time there may have been a huge amount of injury occurring in the relationship. The best thing is for people to come in where there is still plenty of goodwill in the relationship’.

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