Walk With Us: RASA at Pride March 2017

On Saturday 11 November, Relationships Australia SA staff, family and friends will walk together in the annual Adelaide Pride March. All are encouraged to come along and walk with us as we celebrate the courage, solidarity, resilience and contribution of LGBTIQA people.

Meet us at the RASA banner at 6 pm in Light Square/Wauwi. The march commences at 6.30 pm and concludes at Victoria Square.

Adelaide’s first Pride March was held in 1973, with the second Pride March not occurring until 30 years later in 2003. The Pride March has grown to become one of Adelaide’s biggest, best loved community events drawing thousands of people each year.

Join us in celebrating Adelaide’s LGBTIQA love, strength and diversity at this year’s Pride March.

When you hear of Gay Pride, remember, it was not born out of a need to celebrate being gay.
It evolved out of our need as human beings to break free of oppression and to exist without being criminalized, pathologized or persecuted.
Depending on a number of factors, particularly religion, freeing ourselves from gay shame and coming to self-love and acceptance, can not only be an agonising journey, it can take years. Tragically some don’t make it.
Instead of wondering why there isn’t a straight pride be grateful you have never needed one.
Celebrate with us.

― Anthony Venn-Brown

RASA@Pride Flyer