Family Forum: Undoing Orders to Reunite Families

How do we undo the orders and reunite


I have an intervention order against my partner (ex). I have been trying for months to remove it, to be a family. We both breached the order. All we wanted was to be a family. Is there any way to be a family again?


There are various types of intervention orders, including interim and final orders.

The purpose of an intervention order is to prohibit a person from behaving in a particular way to those listed as “protected persons” in the order. It does not require a particular type of behaviour to occur before an intervention order can be issued, only that there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a person will behave in a particular manner if an intervention order is not made. There is no “standard” intervention order and each order reflects the circumstances of the parties involved.

Depending on the terms and the wording of the intervention order, it may not prevent you from being in contact with your former partner. If you are unsure of the meaning of the intervention order, you should seek legal advice. There are serious penalties to your former partner if he or she is breaching the intervention order and therefore they should not do so while it remains in place.

You should seek advice as to the exact terms of your intervention order and the effect of those terms upon your interactions with your former partner, particularly as there are strict time frames that apply to invention orders.

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