Travelling Overseas? Then Plan Ahead

When travelling overseas, it’s important to be prepared and take precautions so that you don’t end up falling ill while on holidays or when you return.

Relationships Australia SA’s PEACE Multicultural Services developed the Travel Safe Booklet – a guide to help travellers stay safe and healthy when travelling overseas. The booklet provides a basic guide for what to do before you begin your travels, tips for staying safe overseas and useful information about things you should
consider after returning to Australia. The guide covers issues such as:

  • medication
  • vaccination
  • travel insurance
  • condoms
  • security
  • getting medical procedures and treatment
  • allergies
  • safe sex
  • safe injecting
  • alcohol and drugs
  • tattoos and body piercing
  • considerations for people living with HIV
  • illness and injury

Download a copy of the Travel Safe Booklet

For more information about any of these issues, contact PEACE Multicultural Services.