To the limit

A reader wonders if it is possible to lower the limit on a credit card to avoid getting into financial debt.


Is it possible to lower the limit on my credit card?

I used to pay the full amount every month, so the bank kept offering to raise the limit.

Now I have a debt and I’m paying interest.

I’d like to use some money from my mortgage to wipe the slate clean but I want to make sure I can’t borrow more than I earn.


You can request a lower credit card limit by using your bank’s website, phone banking facility, or having an interview with a personal banker at your branch.

The panel strongly recommends that you also have a financial check up with a financial counsellor to explore all debt options and get your finances under control. You can obtain a free and confidential financial counselling appointment by phoning the Financial Counselling Helpline on 1800 007 007 and they will direct you to the nearest office.

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