Together4Kids Evaluation Survey Results Released

Together4Kids (T4K), Relationships Australia (SA)’s service dedicated to homeless families, was recently evaluated by the sector, in order to find out more about the sector’s experiences in engaging with T4K services, including referring clients and taking part in professional development training.

The report focuses on the findings of that evaluation survey, providing an overview of participants’ responses and the general perceptions of the homelessness sector towards T4K.

Thirty-two participants took part in the survey. Most participants (33.3%) had more than 10 years experience in the homelessness sector and most (89.7%) had VET qualifications. Participants currently worked in a range of areas, including social work, community wellbeing, domestic violence (including Aboriginal family violence services), youth services, and the homelessness sector.

Participants were asked a range of questions, including the words that spring to mind when they hear T4K, how likely they are to recommend T4K services, and their experiences of referring clients to T4K services and/or participating in training provided by T4K. The report is organised in terms of these four areas of enquiry.

Download the full report.