We’ve moved! | Relocation from Frome Street to South Terrace

We’ve moved!

Relationships Australia SA has relocated our city office from Frome/Flinders Street to South Terrace. The move will allow us to redevelop our client and staff facilities. The new location will provide greater accessibility and incorporate sophisticated telehealth technology.

The new office design better incorporates accessibility, security, privacy and confidentiality, and family-friendliness. Improving these factors has contributed to our decision to move.

Our client services are on the ground floor and have larger clinical rooms for clients with a disability. Technology in the new building will also streamline the use of telehealth and video conferencing.

Our new city space is located at 151 South Terrace.  

For further information, please talk with a client service officer or your worker. We’re excited to share this great new space with you!


Where is the new office?

151 South Terrace, Adelaide (click here to see on Google Maps)

How can I get there?

Located close to the corner of King William Street and very close to the South Terrace tram stop. Hop on the tram and pop in.

Carparking and public transport are more plentiful in the new location. Disability access is available from both the front and side of the building.

Key dates

[1] Services including: Elder Relationship Services | Family Dispute Resolution | Family Relationship Centres | Family Relationship Counselling | Gambling Help Service | iKiDs | MOSAIC Blood Borne Viruses Support Services | Post Separation Support Services | rebuild – Counselling for Victims of Crime.

[2] Services including: Post Care Support Service | Redress Service | Find and Connect Support Service | Childhood Sexual Abuse Counselling Service.