The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Some Proud Young People!

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is available to all 14–24 year olds, who participate in the Flexible Learning Option program (FLO).

This year RASA’s Future Youth Initiative team saw 25 students complete the program and receive their bronze medal (which is an exceptional completion rate). This is a phenomenal achievement for both the young people involved and the staff who supported them through it.

The award is comprised of three areas; students participate in 10 weeks of learning a skill, community services and a fitness activity. They are then required to major in one of the three key areas, by completing double the workload.

Each year the program is concluded with an adventurous journey – this year they went to Monarto Zoo where they spent two days camping and living as independently as they could.
Here is a photo of the class of 2018. Well done girls and boys!

For more information on the Future Youth Initiative please visit here

Further news from FYI….

Also, our FLO students from both our north and south Future Youth Initiative programs have been participating in the ice factor program since last term (term 3).

During term 3, they competed in their first ever tournament. Unfortunately, they lost all five games, but along the way they had a great time developing their hockey and team skills.

In term 4, the team spent the whole term training for an hour a week to compete in the week 8 tournament again…. where they play 5, 10 minute games!

Last week the team’s hard work paid off and ended the day on 1 win – 1 loss and 3 draws! A huge improvement!

A few of our students also had the opportunity to take part in the ice factor spectacular in term 3, you can watch the video and a few others here

Check out the photos from the day!!!