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Support Costs

“WHAT are the costs of child support?”


WHAT are the costs of child support?


Child support is normally calculated on the income of both parents, time spent with each parent, and the child’s age. In some families other factors such schooling or disability have to be taken into account.

Some couples reach a private agreement as to the amount and frequency of child support payments, but we would advise speaking to the Child Support Agency to calculate the entitlement and obligation for child support that would exist under law before any agreement is made.

The child support you are entitled to, whether you claim it or not, can impact on family assistance entitlements.

The Agency, in the Australian Government Department of Human Services, calculates the amount payable under child support laws.

Try the online child support estimator at

If there is agreement between parents, payments can be registered with the Agency and paid directly. Otherwise payments are made through the Agency. In some cases child support may need to be a payroll deduction.

Call 131 272 or visit for specific information.

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