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Stronger Relationships trial launches today

Relationships Australia (SA) welcomes the commencement of the Stronger Relationships trial, a $20 million investment into enriching relationships, recently initiated by the Hon. Kevin Andrews, Minister of Social Services.

From today, committed couples can access relationship education and support, through a twelve month trial. The Australian Government is offering a $200 subsidy to up to 100,000 eligible Australian couples seeking relationship enrichment and support appropriate to their needs, helping couples to build strong and enduring relationships.

Through this trial, the Government is aiming to help couples achieve a greater degree of fulfilment in their relationships and a stable, loving environment for their families.

Relationships Australia (SA) has been working with couples for more than 60 years, helping them to enrich their relationships and develop great relationship skills in a supportive environment.

Chair of Relationships Australia’s National Board, Mat Rowell, supports the trial saying, “Relationships Australia welcomes the Government’s commitment to early intervention for couples. Support at the earliest stages of any relationship can make a big difference down the track.”

“Whether couples are considering long-term commitment, marriage, starting a family or are just looking to improve what they already have together, Relationships Australia has a range of options available to support couples,” Mr Rowell said.

Australian couples aged 18 years and over, in a committed relationship can register for the trial by visiting All eligible couples will receive a subsidy reference number and will need to provide this reference number to Relationships Australia (SA) prior to their first appointment. To make an appointment with Relationships Australia (SA) call 1300 364 277.

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