HIV Women’s Health Program

The HIV Women’s Health Program supports and assists women from all cultural backgrounds who are living with, or affected by HIV.

HIV Women’s Health Program

The HIV Women’s Health Program offers a range of services to empower all women affected by, or at risk of HIV, to lead a healthy life that is free of stigma and discrimination. The HIV Women’s Health Program:

  • Provides comprehensive support and therapeutic services
  • Supports women to access other services as needed
  • Advocates for services and organisation to recognise the  needs of women including  women living with HIV
  • Coordinates the monthly Women’s Lounge to support women to build broader social connections and confidence in meeting life challenges
  • Monitors the information provided through this website and responds to enquiries and feedback
  • Supports women living with HIV to build skills in leadership development and public speaking through its HIV Women’s Peer Support Service

HIV Women’s Peer Support Service

The HIV Women’s Peer Support Service has been developed by the HIV Women’s Health Program and the PEACE Multicultural Services team in collaboration with culturally diverse women living with HIV.

The HIV Women’s Peer Support Service offers individual and group peer-led support for people living with or affected by HIV. It aims to empower people with lived experience to be able to positively influence the lives of others who are affected by HIV. This program recognises that every client has the potential to contribute to the lives of others if given the opportunity and the skills to do so.

If you have been affected by HIV and would like to become a peer supporter, please get in touch with the Program Coordinator by phoning (08) 8245 8100.

Indaba HIV Website

The Indaba HIV website offers practical information and resources for women living with HIV in South Australia, and for their service providers. Visit the Indaba HIV website here.

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Funding Acknowledgement

HIV Women’s Health Program is provided by Relationships Australia South Australia and SA Health has contributed funds towards this Program.

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