Who We Are

Youth Services

Schools, Community, Innovations and Learning Service (SCILS) offers students a unique opportunity to look to the future with hope and acceptance, as together we navigate towards adult independence and positive wellbeing.

We understand that family complexities, developmental or learning differences, traumatic events or mental health challenges can create additional barriers to traditional learning and employment pathways. Our multidisciplinary team has skills in youth work, counselling, psychology, case management, social work, and developmental education. SCILS staff have additional interests and specialist skills in activities that are engaging to young people like music, drama, outdoor adventure sports, team sports, and gaming to name a few.

SCILS provides young people with a range of supports. These may include case management, enrolment at one of our SCILS Learning Hubs and/or supported referrals into other programs and accredited courses in line with students’ interests and readiness. Students attending a SCILS Learning Hub can combine learning courses across the areas of Wellbeing, Learning, Employability and World-Ready Skills and Experiential Learning.

Download the SCILS Case Management Brochure here for more details.

FLO Enrolment

Relationships Australia South Australia are on the Approved Panel of Providers with the Government of South Australia Department for Education to provide the Flexible learning options (FLO) Program. FLO supports young people who have or are at risk of disengaging from school and may be experiencing other challenges, such as; anxiety and depression, bullying, unstable accommodation, family difficulties, or pregnancy or parenting.