Latest Announcements

Dear families and young people,

Welcome back to our continuing students. And a huge welcome to families and young people joining Relationships Australia SA’s (RASA) FLO Program ‘SCILS’ for the first time in 2022.

SCILS is committed to working alongside you as we navigate the complexities of COVID-19.

We are working closely in line with Department for Education (DfE) directives, along with RASA directives. As such, there are some changes to how we deliver learning and provide case management.


Case managers will be working with young people face-to-face where this is an option. They will also be providing some services via phone and Telehealth. Students’ case managers may have already been in contact, or will be in contact shortly to negotiate the best arrangements to support learning and wellbeing. All required COVID-19 protocols will be carefully adhered to. This includes masks, social distancing and meeting outdoors where possible. Young people will also be required to wear masks when engaging in case management and our learning programs.


In line with the DfE adjustments, SCILS will not be able to offer our usual range of learning programs for the first half of term 1.  DfE has advised the temporary postponement of external activities and the need to minimise student intermingling indoors.  Further information in relation these COVID-19 safe measures can be found here: return-to-school-and-covid-safe-measures.pdf

Young people can anticipate term 1 looking as follows if they are scheduled to attend a RASA Learning Hub:

Week 1 and week 2 (Monday 31/01/2022 – Friday 11/02/2022)

Young people engage one-on-one with case managers and our Teaching and Learning Team. Case managers will ensure they have an understanding of young people’s needs. Where young people will be attending a RASA Learning Hub, case managers will map out a student timetable.

Week 3 – Week 6 (four weeks) (Monday 14/02/2022 – Friday 11/03/2022)

An adjusted timetable of activities and learning programs will be offered in line with COVID-19 safety measures. SACE classes and literacy/numeracy classes will be offered to young people in smaller groups. Newcomers and continuing learners will attend separate sessions during these weeks, to maintain social distancing and limit intermingling.

Week 7 – Week 11 (five weeks) (Monday 14/03/2022 – 15/04/2022)

It is anticipated that by week 7, we will be able to return to full delivery of our learning programs at our four RASA Learning Hubs.  This will enable us to offer our café programs, outreach activities, volunteering, adventure programs and the like.  Should DfE advise of the lifting of restrictions before week 7, we have capacity to resume our full programming earlier.

Please find attached: