Wellbeing Programs

We believe that personal wellbeing underpins all other elements of our lives. If our wellbeing is low then it is very difficult for us to take advantage of life’s opportunities. SCILS encourages all young people to embrace a wellbeing challenge.

The PERMA Challenge (Positive Psychology)

Martin Seligman’s PERMA model uses positive psychology to improve wellbeing and a sense of happiness. The wellbeing PERMA Challenge program works with students to develop opportunities for:

  • P= positive emotions,
  • E= engagement in activities they enjoy,
  • R= positive relationships,
  • M= life meaning through community activities,
  • A = achievements through activities in which they excel.

Our staff supports young people to develop a Wellbeing PERMA Challenge Plan. Some young people may like to take part in a more intensive understanding of PERMA and choose this topic as a weekly session. The PERMA Challenge works with students to continuously build each of the 5 zones of PERMA.

Rize Above Respectful Relationships Program (RASA)

Students are supported to unpack and safely share their experiences of relationships (including intimate relationships).  Facilitators enable young people to recognise healthy and unhealthy relationships, develop strategies for keeping themselves safe, and understand their rights and responsibilities.  The program is also able to be delivered through online modules for young people not able to attend face-to-face.

Interest Groups

You decide! If we have enough interest in a particular activity we will work with students to organise and implement a program. Making decisions and taking ownership helps to develop employability skills. Examples of possible programs include:

  • Anime art
  • Strategy games – Dungeons and Dragons
  • LAN computer gaming
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Painting

Accreditation via Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (service or physical activity) or SACE Community Studies (individual contract of work).