Employability Programs

Thinking about employment can be anxiety provoking for many young people and those supporting them. Employability skills are a common theme throughout all our programs.

Employability skills in Australia are based on ten skill areas, recognised in the Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework (CSfW). Our employability programs work to help students develop skills.


SCILS Cafés are not for profit lunchtime outlets that offer students on the job training with a focus on getting ready for work. Students are assessed by our qualified staff for work ready skills. Once it is determined that the student is ready for the next challenge, the student will be assisted to find external work experience or paid employment.

SCILS Cafés are linked to the Australian Institute of Social Relations. For those interested in community services, students can enrol in Community Services certificate II or III or a certificate IV in Youth Work.

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Work experience

Work experience is a key goal for students 15 years and older. Our Case Managers work closely with the student and his/her enrolled school to secure work experience opportunities in their area of interest. If you are unsure of a career path we will work with you to identify your skills and interests.


Youth Case Managers are continuously seeking and networking with employers and other services, to create employment opportunities for students. Once employment has been secured the Case Manager will maintain contact with the student and employer as long as the student remains a Case Management client.


SCILS Hub students are encouraged to work towards the student leadership program. The student leadership group meets weekly providing feedback and suggestions for activities and events throughout the year. The group take part in youth community advisory activities and discuss ways to influence the broader South Australian community to improve outcomes for young Australians.