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Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Returning Personal Items

As the Royal Commission is winding down they have the following message about arranging the return of items provided during a private session:

The Royal Commission has received a number of items from people who have attended private sessions. These include written documents, school yearbooks, photos, artwork, keepsakes, works of fiction or non-fiction, DVDs and CDs.

If someone you know or represent has given us any items, please ask them to contact us on 1800 099 340 or at to arrange for their return. If we are not contacted by 29 September 2017, we will assume that the items are no longer required.

Before the Royal Commission finishes on 15 December 2017, we will scan any suitable unclaimed items to create electronic records to include in the Royal Commission’s historical archive.

Electronic records have the same legal status as originals.

Arranging access to private session audio recordings

The Royal Commission has offered survivors and their legal representatives, access to the audio recording of their private session. When the Royal Commission concludes, this access may no longer be available.

If someone you know or represent requires access to their audio recording, please advise them to email the Royal Commission at before 29 September 2017.

Click to download the Royal Commission Message