Rize Above Violence Program – Community Consultation Open!

Have your say in the Rize Above community consultation process! We are inviting your input to make sure the community is at the heart of this work. We want to know what is important for your community. 

After the community consultation, we will co-design an online and in-school respectful relationship program, an interactive website and a youth development peer-mentor program. 

The core principals of the program include:  

  • Primary intervention: highlighting the importance of addressing social contexts that sets the scene for unhealthy relationships and violence 
  • Building skills: supporting communities of young people, their families and professionals to challenge rigid gender roles and gender inequality
  • Collaboration: a program that is not just inclusive, but responsive to and embracing of the diversity in our community.

Register your register interest in one of the focus group sessions. All sessions will be held at the Salisbury Community Hub, John Harvey Community Hall. 

Group times for youth (12 – 25yrs) are: 

Group times for Caregiver/Community Leaders are: 

  • All caregivers and community leaders | 17 July, 10am – 12noon | REGISTER HERE 

This is a volunteer opportunity but participants will receive a $25 gift card for their contributions. 

Limited spots available, so registration is essential. 

Any questions, please contact Melissa or Kale on 8250 6600 or email Melissa here. 

The Rize Above Violence program is a newly funded primary prevention initiative, led by Relationships Australia South Australia’s Community Projects Team and Specialised Family Violence Support Service, in partnership with the City of Salisbury.