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Responsible Gambling Awareness Week: New Resources Available

Four new resources are now available for people working within the gambling help sector to better support people who are experiencing gambling harm. These resources include three lived experience videos and a webinar, ‘Supporting Families and Friends Harmed by Gambling’, produced for Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2017.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is an annual event that aims to raise awareness about gambling harm and engage with the wider community. This year’s theme focused on the impact of problem gambling on family and friends.

Lived Experience Videos

Sam’s Story

Sam struggles with his partner Sheila’s gambling and the impact it has had on their family, business and relationship. Living on a rural property, Sam tells us of the unique issues the couple faced in seeking help.

Lucy’s Story

Lucy tells us about the impact her partner Lachlan’s gambling had on her and her children’s wellbeing and the steps she took to get help.

Sharon’s Story

Sharon shares with us the history behind her son Lachlan’s gambling, and the physical and emotional effect it had on her. She highlights the reasons why seeking help is important for family members of problem gamblers.

Supporting Families and Friends Harmed by Gambling Webinar

Listen to the recording here: