Let’s Connect

Let’s Connect Video Game

The Children and Parenting Support (CaPS) team has developed a new tool to help facilitate a conversation about strengthening the emotional connection between parents/carers and their children.

‘Let’s Connect’ is a free, accessible, and mobile-friendly video game for parents/carers of children.

This game invites parents and carers to reflect on their own experiences and responses. It asks them to consider the emotional needs that children communicate through their behaviours. It encourages them to invest in connecting emotionally with them.

It has been designed to help parents and carers:

  • Understand ‘big behaviours’ in children
  • Consider what is important to foster healthy relationships between parents/caregivers and children.
  • Check-in with their own emotions to build and maintain the emotional connections between parents/caregivers and children.

‘Let’s Connect’ is a series of relatable scenarios where the players decide how best to respond. These scenarios are based on the behaviours children use to communicate their needs.

This videogame can be used in sessions to guide a conversation about their experiences in similar situations.

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