Relationships and Wellbeing Information Sessions

Are you interested in learning simple strategies and skills for strengthening your relationship? We’re offering a series of Relationships & Wellbeing Information Sessions at our Salisbury location throughout the school term. The sessions are run individually; you can choose to attend just one – or all four.

What is this Thing Called Love?
Upcoming Session Dates:
7 March, 11 April

This session explores the idea of what a relationship means, the stages most relationships naturally go through over time and how the myth of romantic love influences our hopes and expectations of an intimate partner.

When it comes to connecting with our partner, quite often the answer is deceptively simple. This session also explores small ways we can positively connect with our partners.

Building Relationships from the Foundation Up
Upcoming Session Dates: 14 March

Just like a house, a committed relationship needs a firm foundation if it is to truly endure in the long-term. This session explores Dr John Gottman’s concept of the Sound Relationship House, offering many useful ideas for building strong connections with your partner to help your relationship stand the test of time.

Communication Skills
Upcoming Session Dates: 21 March

Do you sometimes struggle to find the right words to help your partner better understand your feelings? In this session you will learn simple yet effective ways of communicating with your partner
while still maintaining an understanding of where they are coming from.

This session will explain the importance of using “I” statements and will explore the Imago Dialogue process, a communication method that can help bring you into compassionate and empathetic connection with your partner.

Relationship Roadblocks (4 Horsemen)
Upcoming Session Dates: 21 February, 28 March

Relationships researcher Dr John Gottman has identified four of the biggest factors that contribute to relationship breakdown: Criticism, Defensiveness, Stonewalling and Contempt. This session examines each of these Relationship Roadblocks in detail and provides practical strategies for identifying and avoiding them.

Understanding and Handling Strong Emotions
Upcoming Session Dates: 28 February, 4 April

One of the most difficult communication tasks is keeping our cool when deep feelings start to flare up. This session looks at recognising the emotional ‘baggage’ that we bring into our relationships, the primary emotions that underlie our patterns of reactive thinking and behaviour, and some simple techniques to help you stay calm when we’re under pressure.

This session also helps us understand when connection between our partner is being lost, and how to effectively handle our strong emotions so that they do not damage our relationship.

To enrol or learn more about the sessions, please give us a ring at (08) 8255 3323.

Course Duration: 1 hour – Tuesdays, 6.00pm during school terms

Location: Relationships Australia SA, Salisbury office
Shop 8a, Salisbury Cinema Complex, Cnr James and Gawler St.

Cost per Session: $20 Individuals | $15 Concession | $30 Couples

Download the session flyer here.