Trauma-based counselling services for victims of crime

Relationships Australia South Australia is pleased to be appointed to provide therapeutic counselling services to South Australian victims of crime over the next three years.

We want to acknowledge the work of Victims Support Service who have supported thousands of victims of crime and abuse over many years and reassure current and future clients our service is here to continue that support.

We put forward the most comprehensive bid to ensure services would be provided across regional and metropolitan areas.

We have offices in Adelaide, Hindmarsh, Port Adelaide, Marion, Salisbury, Elizabeth, Berri and presence in many outreach locations.

We expect to open offices in Mount Gambier and Port Augusta by the end of the year to ensure comprehensive coverage in the city and the country – with additional outreach services available in other regional areas.

Our trauma-based counselling services will be delivered in person face-to-face, via phone or online face to face as suitable for the individual client, based on their location and preference.

Counselling support and referral will assist with healing, improvement in well-being and resilience, reduction in the likelihood of re-traumatisation, and sustained post-traumatic growth and recovery.

Peer Support workers will be available to draw on their lived experience of recovery, to offer clients understanding, empathy, hope, and access to practical support, information, and effective coping strategies.

This approach will also offer opportunities for public awareness-raising on the plight of victims of crime.

We look forward to working cooperatively with the Commissioner for Victims’ Rights.

We embrace the opportunity to offer this important service and will work with Victim Support Service to ensure a smooth transition for victims of crime now and into the future.

This service will be ready for delivery by Relationships Australia South Australia on 1 July 2020.