Quality Assurance

Our commitment to service quality involves implementing evidence-based programs and continually evaluating the results we achieve. Together with professional training and our extensive practical experience, this allows us to identify areas of possible improvement and ensure our services are responsive to the needs of clients and the community.

Our Information Management and Data team ensure that services are regularly evaluated and this is built into our work to ensure that each person we see receives the range of services they require, that our services meet people’s needs and that improved wellbeing occurs for the people we see. Our service evaluation is based on Mark Friedman’s Results-Based Accountability framework and measures:

  • how widely our services are used
  • how well we provide our services
  • the impact of our services on the lives of those who access them.

The results we obtain helps us to refine our service delivery, ensuring that each of our programs meets their objectives and the needs of people.


If you are concerned about the management of your personal information, you have the right to submit a formal complaint. We take all complaints seriously and regard mistakes as an opportunity to learn and thereby improve our services and service systems. See the Client Complaints page for more information.