Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network

The Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network is a newly established network aiming to lower the incidence of suicide in our local community and to increase the level of understanding and awareness of supports.

Suicide is a major social and public health issue. While such deaths can occur for many reasons, and many complex factors might influence a person’s decision to suicide, these preventable deaths point to individuals who may be less connected to support networks.

The rate of suicide in the Port Adelaide area is alarming at 37% higher than the metropolitan average.

Membership of the Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network currently consists of both community members who have experienced suicide in their lives and service providers. The Network has initial funding from and is auspiced by Wesley Lifeforce.

In order to be most effective the Network needs to have membership from a range of services and individuals who may work with or for people who may be contemplating suicide, with families/individuals who have been impacted by suicide, or are able to offer support in promoting suicide prevention awareness.

The Network currently meets on a monthly basis on the third Thursday of each month and is continually looking for more community members. If you’re interested in joining, contact portadelaidespn@gmail.com.

The Network is also planning a community event to raise awareness of suicide prevention and support programs to be held on the 10th of September 2014, to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day.

Relationships Australia (SA) is proud to be part of the Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network.