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Our Gay Men’s Health SA team are excited to have just released the, a social marketing campaign which aims to increase awareness of PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) in the community.

About PEP

PEP is a four week medical treatment that can prevent HIV after exposure (e.g. following unprotected sex, or a condom breaking).

PEP works best if started within 8 hours of being exposed to HIV but is still effective up to 72 hours (3 days) after exposure. PEP is available to anyone who has been a situation that is considered high risk – e.g. Unprotected receptive anal sex between two men.

If you think you’ve been exposed to HIV or to find out where you can get PEP call:

PEP Hotline 1800 022 226 – available in South Australia 24/7 

  • NSW 1800 737 669
  • VIC 1800 889 887
  • WA 1300 767 161
  • QLD Health 13 Health

The campaign

This social marketing campaign uses the imagery of an hourglass to promote PEP and the notion that those at risk need to act fast to ensure the medication’s effectiveness.

The social marketing campaign has been launched across the Adelaide CBD with giant hourglass shaped stools being adopted by popular CBD venues and spaces.  The striking stools have been reinforced by the distribution of supporting information resources such as coasters and business cards.

Whilst the campaign does aim to increase gay men’s awareness of PEP, the message is not only isolated to gay-specific venues as many gay men now spend the bulk of their socialising outside of gay-specific venues and spaces. Consultation with local gay men indicates that information for the gay community needs to be out into mainstream media and spaces. Keep an eye out for the oversized hourglass stools during the Fringe Festival at places like Tuxedo CatSAD Cafe, Lindes Lane, Pirie & Co and stay updated on the campaign and GMHSAs activities on the Gay Men’s Health Facebook page: